Humane Jonesboro Rat Traps

There are so many animal lovers in the world that can’t take angry steps against destructive Jonesboro rats as well. Few easy techniques can help you to kill the rats instantly, but most homeowners look for humane methods to get rid of these terrible creatures. The great news is that there are many humane methods as well to kill rats. Below we have highlighted two proven techniques to scare these rodents away as soon as possible.

1. Bucket and Bottle Method:
If you have several Arkansas rats in your house, this bucket and bottle method can provide an effective solution. It will help you to trap several rodents without the need of setting it again and again. The idea is to use a large bucket that can accommodate several rodents without allowing them to escape out. Other than this you need a wide stick, metal wire, peanut butter, aluminum can or plastic bottle. Create a hole in the middle of the bottle and run the metal wire through it. Make two holes in the bucket top ends and fix the bottle with metal wire on it by tying both ends of the wire to the bucket holes. The bottle inside must have enough space to spin. Now add peanut butter as bait to one side of the can or bottle and on the opposite side of this bait create a path for the rat to get in by using a wooden plank or wide stick. When the rodent gets attracted to the bait, it will try to access it, but the spinning bottle will make it fall in the deep bucket. The same thing will happen with several rats, and they will be captured with ease.

2. Bucket and Spoon Method:
Here is another method to trap Jonesboro rats and it is very similar to that of bucket and bottle method. However, this method can capture one rat at a time. In this case, you will need a disposable spoon, duct tape, bucket, peanut butter or cheese. First of all, you have to loosely tape the spoon handle on the top of the counter or table. Make sure that the spoon part stays well balance in the air. Add bait to this spoon and use a large bucket right below the spoon area. When the rat tries to eat his favorite foodstuff that is used as bait on a spoon; the overweight will cause an imbalance on a spoon, and it will immediately fall into the bucket along with the rat.

These two methods are already used by several homeowners, and they are happy with the results. The captured Arkansas rats can be released at a far location from where it cannot find a way to return. These cheaper methods can be used by anyone with ease, but in case if you are not able to catch rats using these methods, it is good to call professional rat exterminators from licensed rat removal company. They know right techniques to take rats away from the human property and will ensure long-term relief from rat attacks.

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